"Welcome to Richmond Emmanuel Church's English Ministry website"

a community that celebrates and shares God's love


Welcome to Richmond Emmanuel Church’s English Ministry Website!

We are a community that exists to celebrate God’s love, and to share His love with others. We hope that you can find a home in our community, whether it be in our worship service, one of our small groups, or any of our other ministries.

Upcoming Events

April 17

Maundy Thursday, Footwashing Service (6pm)

April 17-18
- Easter Prayer Vigil (from 9pm on April 17 to 7am on April 18)

April 18
Good Friday Service (11am)

May 15-16
- The AM Canada Leadership Conference

May 18
- Children’s Sunday (in the Cantonese Service)

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Sermon on the Mount

Starting February 2nd, we will be entering into the text of the greatest sermon ever:...

Apostles’ Creed

From November 3 to the end of December, 2013, we will be looking at the Apostles’...

2013 Leadership Conference with Terry Walling

The AMiA Canada Leadership Conference was held on May 2-4, 2013. The focus was on mentors...

Nehemiah Series

Starting on March 17th, we will be going through the book of Nehemiah and exploring...

Missionary Profile: Lori Roddam

On Feb. 10th, we are having a guest speaker come and share with us during our connecting...

Worshipping Together

On January 6, 2013 we launched our consolidated English Worship at 11am! We saw our youth...

Speaker Profile: Damon Mak

We’re really excited to have our very own Damon Mak preaching this Sunday, July...

Bring Your Own BBQ

Come, hang out, invite your family and friends, enjoy some good food and conversation on...

Speaker Profile: Kim Nguyen

If you attended Mark Project, you probably heard from and may have even met our next...

ACiC/AI Leadership Breakthrough Conference 2012

The ACiC/AI Leadership Breakthrough Conference 2012 will be held May 3 to May 5 at...

Mark Project

Monday April 23rd we are excited to be presenting Mark Project at REC! Mark Project is a...

Speaker Profile: Steve Mulder

We’re really excited to be featuring Steve Mulder in our next speaker profile....

I am REC – Rachel

Here’s our latest edition of “I am REC”! Meet Rachel (and Tabby!) as...

campus alpha

What is the meaning of life? Who is Jesus? Does God even care? Isn’t there more to...